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Sony Interactive Entertainment Announces August 2023 Game Catalog Lineup

Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed the August 2023 Game Catalog lineup for Extra and Premium subscribers, as well as the Classics Catalog titles exclusively for Premium subscribers.

The Game Catalog includes a diverse range of titles. “Cursed to Golf” offers a unique twist on the golfing and roguelike genres. Players must navigate through challenging courses filled with obstacles like fans, spikes, and teleporters.

In “Destiny 2: The Witch Queen,” players will explore Savathun's Throne World to uncover the secrets of the stolen Light. They can craft new weapons, master the new Glaive weapon type, and uncover the truth within the web of lies.

“Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed” brings back the alien invader Crypto in a groovy adventure set in the swinging '60s. Players must seek revenge on agents who destroyed their mothership and form alliances with unexpected allies.

“Dreams” offers an expansive game universe where players can discover and create community-made games. With the addition of the game “Tren” in Dreams, players can embark on a nostalgic adventure as they operate a toy train.

In “Hotel Transylvania: Scary-Tale Adventures,” players can explore classic fairy tale worlds with beloved characters from the Sony Pictures Animation films. They will face fearsome foes and solve puzzles while utilizing special abilities.

“Lawn Mowing Simulator: Landmark Edition” allows players to build and manage their own lawncare business using real-world licensed lawn mowers. The Landmark Edition includes additional content expansions.

“Lost Judgment” continues the story of lawyer turned street-fighting detective Takayuki Yagami as he investigates a seemingly perfect crime with far-reaching conspiracy ties.

Finally, “Midnight Fight Express” puts players in the shoes of Babyface, a former criminal, as they fight their way across the city to prevent a criminal takeover.

“Moving Out 2” returns players to the chaotic world of moving, where they must quickly and strategically complete tasks.

These titles will be available for download starting August 15 for Game Catalog subscribers and August 28 for Lawn Mowing Simulator: Landmark Edition.