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Sony Introduces PlayStation Portal: A Dedicated Remote Play Companion Device for PS5

Sony has unveiled its latest addition to the PlayStation family with the PlayStation Portal, a dedicated remote play companion device for PlayStation 5 (PS5) owners. While Sony has discontinued its line of handheld gaming consoles, the company is still leveraging its successful remote play capabilities to offer new gaming experiences and drive hardware sales.

The PlayStation Portal features an eight-inch, 1080p LCD display, allowing gamers to stream games at up to 60fps. Equipped with its own system-on-chip and operating system, the Portal connects to the internet via Wi-Fi but does not have the ability to run games independently. It serves as a portable extension of the PS5 gaming experience.

To ensure a seamless gaming experience, the PlayStation Portal comes with built-in controllers that closely resemble the design and functionality of the PS5's DualSense controllers. These controllers offer haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, providing gamers with familiar interactions and immersion. The Portal also includes the PS5's home screen, featuring a dedicated section for media playback.

In terms of latency, the PlayStation Portal has demonstrated minimal latency during gameplay, as shown in a review by IGN. However, the handheld device will not be compatible with Sony's cloud streaming service for PS5 titles. It can only stream games that are already installed on the user's PS5 console.

Notably, the PlayStation Portal lacks Bluetooth audio support. Instead, Sony has introduced its proprietary PlayStation Link wireless technology, promising lossless and lag-free audio. This means the handheld is not compatible with existing wireless headsets from various brands. Sony is releasing wireless headphones and earbuds with PlayStation Link support alongside the handheld. Fortunately, the device does include a 3.5mm headphone jack for wired audio.

While specific details like battery life have not been disclosed, Sony aims to provide a battery duration similar to the DualSense controller, which ranges from seven to nine hours according to Cnet. The release date for the PlayStation Portal has yet to be announced, with Sony stating that it will be available “later this year.”

Overall, the PlayStation Portal offers PS5 owners the convenience of portable gaming through remote play. With its high-quality display, familiar controllers, and dedicated media playback section, the Portal aims to enhance the PS5 gaming experience for gamers on-the-go.

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