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Sony PlayStation Earbuds FCC Filings Hint at Features

Sony Interactive Entertainment's upcoming Earbud, which is still awaiting a release date, has recently gained more information through FCC filings. The filings suggest that the Earbuds will include active noise cancellation, a USB transceiver for lossless audio, and compatibility with the PS5.

According to reports, the PlayStation Earbuds will also support Bluetooth LE audio and can be used with the PS5, PC, and Project Q. Both the Earbuds and the USB transceiver have received FCC certification, ensuring that they meet acceptable levels of electromagnetic radiation.

While it is uncertain when exactly the Earbuds will be available, Sony's venture into the wireless audio market has sparked interest among gaming enthusiasts. The combination of features, such as active noise cancellation and compatibility with the PS5, makes the Earbuds an appealing choice for gamers seeking immersive audio experiences.

The FCC filings shed some light on the anticipated features of Sony's PlayStation Earbuds, but further details, including pricing and availability, are yet to be announced. It remains to be seen how well the Earbuds will be received by consumers and whether they will become a popular choice among gamers.

Do you plan on purchasing the PlayStation Earbuds, or do you prefer alternative methods of audio output? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.