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Sony Santa Monica Initiates Hiring Spree, Hints at Next God of War Game

Sony Santa Monica, the renowned game development studio responsible for the popular God of War franchise, has recently started a hiring spree that has excited fans and sparked speculation about the next installment in the epic saga of Kratos and Atreus.

The studio is actively looking for Combat Designers, Senior Combat Designers, and Senior Combat Designers (Companions), all of which strongly indicate the development of a new God of War game. The job listings explicitly mention that applicants must have knowledge of both the 2018 God of War and God of War Ragnarok, hinting at the continuation of Kratos and Atreus' journey.

While official details about the next game are scarce, the conclusion of God of War: Ragnarok left players eager for more. After a challenging adventure that involved defeating Odin and preventing Ragnarok, it seemed like Kratos and Atreus might finally find peace. However, actor Ben Prendergast, who portrayed the character Tyr, suggested that there is more to come, stating that God of War: Ragnarok “isn't the last you've seen of Tyr.”

The possibilities for the next chapter in the God of War series are wide open. Many loose ends and unresolved plot points from God of War: Ragnarok could pave the way for a sequel with Kratos exploring a different Pantheon. One possibility is a journey into Celtic mythology, which shares thematic similarities with Norse mythology. Given that the character Mimir already has connections to Celtic mythology, it would be fitting for Kratos to venture into Ancient Ireland and encounter Celtic gods and legends.

Alternatively, there is also the potential for a game set in ancient Egypt. Director Cory Barlog previously revealed that the initial concept for God of War (2018) was set in Egypt, showcasing the studio's willingness to explore diverse mythological settings. The enigmatic pyramids, mysterious tombs, and mythical creatures of Egypt would provide a captivating backdrop for Kratos to continue his godly adventures.

Sony Santa Monica's hiring spree has sparked excitement among fans, who eagerly await the official announcement of the next God of War game. With the studio's track record of exceptional storytelling and gameplay, players can expect another unforgettable journey with Kratos and Atreus in the near future.