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Sony To Release Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition

Sony is apparently planning to release a Complete Edition of Horizon Forbidden West, according to a recent listing on the Singapore rating’s board, IMDA. The edition will include the original game as well as its Burning Shores expansion. However, the listing did not specify which platforms the Complete Edition will be available on.

Horizon Forbidden West, developed by Guerrilla Games, was released in February 2022 and received a 9/10 rating from IGN. The game was praised for its engaging combat, impressive creature and character design, and immersive open world. The Burning Shores expansion, which launched in April 2023, was also well-received with an 8/10 rating from IGN.

While the original game was released on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, the Burning Shores expansion was limited to PlayStation 5. It remains to be seen whether the Complete Edition will also be available on PC. Sony CEO Jim Ryan has previously stated that the company currently has no plans to release PC versions of its games on the same day as their console launches, but instead prefers to port them over to PC a few years later. The decision to release Horizon Zero Dawn on PC in 2020, three years after its original release on PlayStation 4, marked a shift in Sony's stance on PC releases.

Xbox head Phil Spencer has criticized Sony for its staggered PC release schedule, highlighting that Xbox releases its games simultaneously on console, PC, and cloud platforms. Sony has not yet made a comment regarding the Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, but an announcement is expected soon.

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