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Sports FC: EA’s New Mobile Game for Football Fans

Earlier this year, FIFA Sports, the popular football game by Electronic Arts (EA), was rebranded as Sports FC. The new game, EA Sports FC, promises to offer everything that fans loved about previous football games, but with more football players, teams, and new features, including the addition of women's football.

Now, EA has made another exciting announcement. They are launching a mobile version of the game called EA Sports FC Mobile, allowing players to enjoy their favorite football game on the go. This mobile game will offer all the benefits of the main EA Sports FC game for PC and console.

Mobile gamers are being referred to as “founders” by EA Sports. Founders will have the opportunity to test and play the mobile game starting on August 24, 2023. By participating in the founders event, players will receive special player items that will enhance their football experience on EA Sports FC Mobile. These include special player items, vanity items, and access to the Founders Premium Star Pass.

The gameplay in EA Sports FC Mobile will feature new controls and moves such as Power Shot, Knock On, and Hard Tackle, aiming to provide a more realistic and enjoyable gaming experience on mobile devices. Players will also have the ability to customize their team, from changing jersey styles to selecting sleeve and sock lengths.

In addition to improved gameplay, EA Sports FC Mobile will offer in-game cinematics and dynamic camera angles for stylish replays of key moments. The game will also incorporate prestigious tournaments like the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League, and there will be a variety of playable live events.

To stay updated on the game's release and to potentially gain access to the founders event on August 24, EA Sports encourages players to sign up for their newsletter with their EA account. If you don't have an EA account, you can easily create one.

Experience the excitement of EA Sports FC on your mobile device and take your football journey wherever you go.