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Star Wars’ Ahsoka Tano Joins Fortnite Battle Royale

In an exciting crossover, Ahsoka Tano, a beloved character from Star Wars, has made her way into the popular battle royale game, Fortnite. Ahsoka has joined Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4: Last Resort, bringing her Jedi skills and iconic lightsaber to the game.

To interact with Ahsoka, players can find holograms of her scattered around the battle island. By speaking to her holograms and accepting her offer to train, players will be rewarded with a white Jedi Training Lightsaber weapon and knowledge of Force abilities. These abilities, such as increased sprint speed, double jumping, and the power to push objects and players away, can only be used while wielding the Lightsaber weapon.

In addition to her in-game presence, Ahsoka also comes with her own battle pass. Players can complete special Ahsoka Tano Battle Pass Quests during their battle royale matches to unlock the Ahsoka outfit and various accompanying accessories.

It should be noted that unlocking Ahsoka requires the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass.

Alongside Ahsoka's arrival, the latest update also introduces new Reality Augments. The Marksman Headshots Reality Augment increases the damage of Marksman Rifle headshots, providing an advantage to skilled players. The More Parkour and Soaring Sprints Reality Augments have also been unvaulted, granting players energy regeneration when mantling and higher jumps with lower gravity while sprinting.

To learn more about the new season of Fortnite, be sure to watch the Chapter 4 Season 4: Last Resort trailer and check out our comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know. Additionally, there have been recent announcements, such as Epic Games' chief creative officer and Fortnite head Donald Mustard retiring, and the introduction of My Hero Academia skins to the game.

Will you be adding Ahsoka Tano to your Fortnite collection? Let us know in the comments!

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– Battle royale: a genre of video games where a large number of players compete against each other until only one player or team is left standing.
– Jedi: a fictional order of warriors in the Star Wars universe who wield the Force and are skilled in lightsaber combat.
– Lightsaber: a weapon used by Jedi and Sith in the Star Wars universe, consisting of a plasma blade emitted from a hilt.
– Force abilities: supernatural powers derived from the Force in the Star Wars universe, such as telekinesis and enhanced physical abilities.
– Battle pass: a tiered system in games, often associated with battle royale games, where players can unlock rewards and cosmetic items by progressing through tiers.
– Reality Augments: gameplay modifiers or enhancements added to a game, altering certain mechanics or providing advantages/disadvantages to players.