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Star Wars Eclipse Development Moving Forward, Says Quantic Dream

The development of Star Wars Eclipse, the highly-awaited title being developed by Quantic Dream, is progressing, albeit at a slow pace, according to the developer. Lisa Pendse, VP of Marketing at Quantic Dream, revealed this during an interview with IGN at the Tokyo Game Show 2023.

While details about the game are scarce, previous rumors suggest that Star Wars Eclipse will be an action/adventure title, which marks a departure from Quantic Dream's previous adventure games known for their heavily scripted action sequences and Quick Time Events (QTE).

Pendse mentioned that players can expect a “continuous” gameplay experience without a “game over screen.” This approach aligns with what Quantic Dream did with their 2013 game, Beyond: Two Souls, and other titles. The game will feature intricately branching narratives and multiple playable characters, ensuring that the signature elements of a Quantic Dream title will still be present.

The slow development of Star Wars Eclipse may not come as a surprise to those who have been following rumors that suggested a target launch of 2026. Being touted as the studio's most ambitious project, Quantic Dream is likely taking its time to refine and perfect the game.

It's worth noting that Quantic Dream was acquired by NetEase for approximately €100 million seven months ago.

Source: IGN