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Starfield: An Overview of System Requirements and Performance

Starfield is the highly anticipated RPG from Bethesda that has been described as “Fallout in space” or “Elder Scrolls in space.” In this article, we will explore the system requirements of the game and its performance on various graphics cards.

First, let's talk about the system requirements. Bethesda suggests that a minimum of a 6-core CPU is required to run the game smoothly. The recommended CPUs include the Ryzen 5 2600X and the Core i7-6800K. It seems that a 6-core CPU is the baseline requirement, but lower-end CPUs may result in some stuttering.

Moving on to graphics cards, Bethesda recommends a GTX 1070 Ti or an RX 5700 as the minimum requirements. Interestingly, the RX 5700 is actually faster than the GTX 1070 Ti, despite the hierarchy of GPU benchmarks suggesting the opposite. The game seems to work fine on 8GB GPUs, but it may also run on 6GB cards. However, testing with a 4GB card is yet to be conducted.

Storage-wise, the game requires 125GB of storage, with an SSD being strongly recommended. While the game may run on a hard drive, load times may be significantly longer and there could be hitching during gameplay. Additionally, 16GB of system RAM is required, which should be easily accessible on most gaming PCs built within the past five years.

Now, let's talk about performance. Initial benchmarks on different GPUs have shown that the performance of Starfield is not up to par. The game currently runs poorly even on high-end hardware. However, it is expected that additional patches and updated drivers will improve performance in the coming days. AMD has partnered with Bethesda for this game, prioritizing AMD technologies like FSR 2. While FSR 2 works on every GPU, it may not deliver the same level of quality as DLSS or XeSS.

In conclusion, Starfield is a highly demanding game in terms of system requirements. A minimum of a 6-core CPU, a GTX 1070 Ti or RX 5700 graphics card, 125GB of storage, and 16GB of RAM are recommended. However, performance on non-AMD GPUs is currently questionable, and it is advised to wait for further updates and patches to enhance gameplay experience.

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