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Starfield Goes Gold Ahead of Launch on September 6th

Starfield, the highly anticipated game from Bethesda Game Studios, has reached a significant milestone as it officially goes gold. This means that the game is now ready for its official launch on September 6th, with preload options also available.

Preload dates for Starfield were announced recently, although they vary depending on whether you're playing on Xbox or PC. The news of the game's gold status and preload availability was shared through Starfield's official Twitter account.

For Xbox Series X|S and PC players, Starfield is now available for preload through the Xbox app and Microsoft Store. However, those who purchased the game from Steam will have to wait a little longer, as the preload period for them begins on August 30th.

It's worth noting that to preload the game on PC, you'll need approximately 140 GB of free space, while Xbox Series X|S users will require around 125 GB of storage space.

The standard edition of Starfield will be available on September 6th for £69.99 or through Xbox Game Pass. Additionally, players have the option to purchase the Premium Edition Upgrade for £34.99 or the Digital Premium Edition for £99.99, which grants early access to the game by five days. The Constellation Edition, offering access to the game starting on September 1st, will be available for £249.99.

As the launch of Starfield approaches, players who have already pre-ordered the game may be eager to preload it to ensure a smooth gaming experience. The choice to preload or install the game when it releases will depend on personal preference and circumstances.

With Starfield going gold, the anticipation among gamers continues to build, and the countdown to its official launch on September 6th has begun.