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Starfield Mods Coming to Xbox in 2024

Bethesda's highly-anticipated game Starfield is set to receive DLC and official mods in 2024. The first DLC expansion, called Shattered Space, has been confirmed, and mods will be released for both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the early part of the year, though an official date has not yet been announced.

While the specifics of how mods will be handled for Starfield have not been outlined, it is expected that they will follow a similar structure to Bethesda's previous games, Fallout 4 and Skyrim. This likely means the introduction of an official Creation Club as well as a marketplace for developers to offer their own unofficial mods.

Currently, mods are available for Starfield on PC through third-party websites such as NexusMods. However, it is expected that the console versions will have different regulations and not all mods available on PC will be accessible on Xbox.

Despite Starfield being a relatively new game, there are already numerous mods available. These range from simple UI tweaks to graphical enhancements and even a mod that allows players to skip the game's intro sequence.

The article goes on to outline a wishlist of mods that the author would like to see on Xbox. This includes simple modifications such as changes to the player's health bar, as well as more significant mods that could potentially alter gameplay mechanics.

Overall, the release of mods for Starfield on Xbox is an exciting development for players, as it will allow for a greater level of customization and enhancement of the game's experience.

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