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Starfield: New Information Revealed in Q&A Session

Bethesda Game Studios recently shared new details about their upcoming RPG, Starfield, in a Q&A session. The game offers several exciting features for players to enjoy.

One of the notable features is the player housing system, which allows players to own houses in major cities. Some houses can be purchased, while others are rewards for completing specific quests. Additionally, Starfield incorporates a law enforcement system, where players can find themselves in jail if they commit a crime. They have the option to pay a fine, go to jail, or even resist arrest and attempt to escape.

The game world of Starfield includes a functioning civilization with laws and government. Certain items are considered “Contraband,” and players must smuggle them past security ships orbiting major settlements. This can be achieved by using special ship modules to hide the contraband.

All playable factions in Starfield can be completed independently, offering a diverse range of gameplay options. The game features over 20 named characters that can join the player's crew. Each character has their own unique background, strengths, weaknesses, and story. These companions play a significant role in the game's main story.

Starfield takes players from Earth to various planets and celestial bodies, with over a thousand different locations to explore. Featuring deep RPG systems, immersive combat, and freedom to explore, the game is anticipated to be a major launch in Xbox history.

With this new information revealed, the excitement for Starfield continues to grow. The game is scheduled to launch on September 6th, and fans are eagerly awaiting its release. Stay tuned for guides and our review as we delve into the worlds of Starfield.