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Starfield Performs Better on AMD GPUs, According to Digital Foundry

One week after its release on September 6th, Bethesda's highly-anticipated action RPG Starfield has received mostly positive reviews. However, if you're playing the game on PC, it's important to note that it performs better with AMD GPUs.

A recent video report from Digital Foundry, shared by The Verge, reveals that Starfield runs more smoothly on AMD GPUs compared to Nvidia's GPUs. The report states that the Radeon RX 6800 XT is approximately 46% faster than the RTX 3080 on an Intel Core i9-12900K system when playing Starfield. This is a significant performance difference compared to other games where the two GPUs perform similarly.

It's worth mentioning that AMD is the exclusive PC partner for Starfield, which suggests that the game has been optimized for AMD GPUs. This optimization allows the game to take advantage of AMD's architecture and features, such as Smart Access Memory (SAM) and FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), which enhance performance and image quality.

In addition to GPU performance, the video report also highlights that AMD CPUs outperform Intel CPUs when running Starfield. This information might be of concern to PC gamers since a large portion of users (74.9% according to Steam's August 2023 hardware survey) have Nvidia GPUs, and 65.76% have Intel processors. This means that many players may need to upgrade their systems or adjust their settings to fully enjoy Starfield.

Overall, if you're planning to play Starfield on PC, it's recommended to have an AMD GPU for optimal performance and to take advantage of the game's advanced features. This information can help PC gamers make informed decisions when building or upgrading their gaming rigs.

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