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Starfield Player Tests Marriage System, Hilarity Ensues

In Bethesda's highly anticipated sci-fi RPG, Starfield, players are not only immersed in the world of space exploration but also presented with deep and intricate RPG features, including a marriage system. Recently, a player decided to push the boundaries of this system, resulting in a truly hilarious experience.

As reported by PCGamer, a player from their team was exploring the mines of Cydonia on Mars when they stumbled upon a digital sign that proudly proclaimed ‘840 hours without incident'. Intrigued, the player decided to put the sign to the test and threw a grenade at a group of NPCs in the vicinity. Much to their surprise, the counter on the sign immediately changed from a peaceful yellow ‘840' to a alarming red ‘0'.

Not only did this trigger an unexpected response from the game, but it also led to a cascade of consequences within the marriage system. The player received two notifications: one stating that their in-game wife, Andreja, had a clear dislike for this activity, and the other indicating that Andreja was no longer their active companion. Curious about her reaction, the player encountered their virtual spouse at The Lodge, where Andreja confronted them about the incident.

Despite being given four response options, none of them resolved the situation, leading Andreja to initiate a divorce. However, all hope is not lost, as players are given one final chance to save their marriage through Persuasion. It's a make-or-break moment, and if the player fails again, their wife will be lost forever.

This unexpected and humorous turn of events showcases the attention to detail and unpredictability of Bethesda's RPG systems. Players can expect to encounter surprises and consequences as they navigate the vast world of Starfield.

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