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Starfield PR Director Finds Humor in Requests for PS5 Codes

The PR Director of Starfield, one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, has found humor in an unexpected request. Despite the fact that Starfield is an exclusive game for Xbox and PC, media outlets have been requesting PS5 codes for the game. In a tweet, Bethesda's Senior Director of PR, Matt Frary, revealed that he found it amusing that some reviewers had unironically asked for PS5 codes.

Starfield's early access window has received mixed reviews, with some players enjoying the game's sci-fi starship recreation features, while others have criticized its slow start. Critics argue that the game's flaws contribute to the initial controversial scores from various publications. These flaws were further highlighted by viral leaks that were believed to be a result of easy access to review codes.

Frary made it clear that Starfield will not be released on PlayStation consoles, reiterating that fact in his tweet. The exclusivity of the game to Xbox and PC has sparked debates among console users. Frary clarified that his tweet was not meant to be a dig at any particular console, but rather a playful jab at reviewers who did not thoroughly check their work before requesting codes.

It is worth noting that there was a petition to bring Starfield to PS5, but it was unsuccessful. For Xbox players who can't wait to get their hands on Starfield, there is a trick to save money through Game Pass. The game's launch has generated significant interest, with players seeking gameplay guides and tips to navigate the game's missions, skills, factions, console commands, achievements, and more.

– Bethesda's Senior Director of PR, Matt Frary's tweet