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Starfield Release Time and Details: Everything You Need to Know

The highly anticipated release of Starfield is just around the corner, and Bethesda fans are eagerly waiting to jump into the studio's latest open-world epic. Set in a galaxy-spanning universe, Starfield is poised to be one of the biggest games of the year and a major release for the Xbox Series X/S.

For Game Pass subscribers, the good news is that Starfield will be available on day one. Whether you're playing on Xbox or PC, you'll have access to this space RPG as soon as it launches.

The release date for the Standard Edition of Starfield is set for Wednesday, 6 September 2023. The game will be released simultaneously on Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass, and Steam in various regions around the world. However, due to time zone differences, players in certain regions may have the opportunity to play it a day earlier.

While the Standard Edition will be available for everyone this week, those who purchased the more expensive editions have had early access since last week. The Premium and Constellation Editions of Starfield, as well as the Premium Edition Upgrade, granted players early access. This early access has been well-received, especially by Xbox Game Pass subscribers who paid extra for the privilege.

The release time for Starfield has been announced by Bethesda. In the UK, the game will unlock at 1am BST on Wednesday, 6 September 2023. Here are the release times for some other regions:

  • West Coast US: September 5 at 5pm PDT
  • Central US: September 5 at 7pm CDT
  • East Coast US: September 5 at 8pm EDT
  • Europe: September 6 at 2am CEST
  • Japan: September 6 at 9am JST
  • Australia: September 6 at 10am AEST
  • New Zealand: September 6 at 12pm NZST

Players who have pre-ordered Starfield or are Game Pass subscribers can pre-load the game ahead of its release. This allows them to download the game in advance and be ready to play as soon as it unlocks. The file size for the Standard Edition is approximately 101.04GB on Xbox Series X/S and 125GB on PC.

If you're anxiously awaiting the Starfield release and want to dive in right away, there are plenty of guides available to help you get started. Whether you're looking for information on the best weapons, how lockpicking works, or even cheat codes, these guides will assist you in your space-faring adventures.

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