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Starfield Surpasses One Million Concurrent Players within 24 Hours of Launch

Microsoft Gaming CEO, Phil Spencer, proudly announced that Starfield, the highly anticipated sci-fi roleplaying game, has already exceeded one million concurrent players across all platforms. Within just 24 hours of its official launch, the game has attracted a large player base, particularly on Game Pass.

Starfield, created by Bethesda Game Studios, marks the studio's first new IP in over 25 years, introducing gamers to a sprawling sci-fi universe. Director and Executive Producer, Todd Howard, had long desired to create a sci-fi RPG, and thanks to recent technological advancements, this vision has become a reality.

The game has received critical acclaim, earning a commendable 9 out of 10 in early reviews. Initially, some players found the game to be dull and boring, but as they delved deeper into the story and collected Artifacts, the game became increasingly engaging and difficult to put down. While Starfield does not significantly innovate the typical Bethesda formula, it is undoubtedly one of the studio's best creations and a standout title of the year.

PC gamers, in particular, can enhance their experience with the numerous available mods and tweaks. As the official tools for modding are shared with the community, it is expected that the range of mods for Starfield will expand even further, providing players with more customization options.

In addition to Starfield, Todd Howard is also involved in the upcoming Indiana Jones game being developed by MachineGames. Howard hinted that the game may be unveiled next year, generating further excitement among fans of the franchise.

Overall, the early success of Starfield demonstrates the high demand for innovative sci-fi RPGs and the dedication of its player base. With continued support from Bethesda Game Studios and the modding community, the game is expected to thrive in the coming months.

– Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer
– Bethesda Game Studios
– Review Score: 9 out of 10 (source not provided)