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Steam Deck Won’t Get a Hardware Refresh for a Few Years, Says Valve Designer

Valve designer Pierre-Loup Griffais confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show that the Steam Deck, a portable PC gaming device, will not receive a significant hardware update for at least a couple of years. Griffais stated that the current version of the Steam Deck is in a “pretty sweet spot” and can handle games from the new generation effectively. He also mentioned that upcoming releases on the Steam Deck have been great experiences so far, except for resource-heavy games like Starfield. According to Griffais, a potential successor to the Steam Deck, tentatively called the Steam Deck 2, may not be released until 2025, putting it on a similar timeline as the rumored Switch 2.

Valve is cautious about changing the performance level of the Steam Deck and intends to do so only when there is a significant increase in performance. Griffais expressed satisfaction with the current Deck, stating that it competes well with devices like the Nintendo Switch and Android-based Ayn Odin. Sales of the Steam Deck have remained steady, and Valve continues to release software updates for the device. Griffais also acknowledged the strength of the PC platform lies in its diversity of options and expressed support for other manufacturers creating portable consoles.

While a Steam Deck 2 is still a mystery, Griffais mentioned that VR support is unlikely for the current version of the device. Valve does not have a VR strategy for the Deck at the moment, but it is something they may explore in the future. The focus for now is on delivering an excellent portable PC gaming experience with the Steam Deck.

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