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Storyteller: A Worthwhile Update for an Engaging Puzzle Game

Daniel Benmergui’s Storyteller has received its first major update since its launch, and it is now available on Netflix for iOS and Android devices. This puzzle game initially garnered positive reception but was criticized for its short runtime. However, with the introduction of new content and enhancements, Storyteller has become a more enticing experience.

If you haven't played Storyteller before, the game revolves around assembling stories by filling in panels in a book with objects, scenes, and characters. The objective is to find the most suitable solution for each puzzle. Although some puzzles feature alternate paths or challenges, the replay value may be limited.

The recent update has introduced additional content, expanded upon previous chapters, and introduced a captivating new character. These updates have elevated the game and improved the overall experience. The inclusion of a narrator, whose presence can be toggled on or off, adds an extra layer of charm to the storytelling.

Storyteller's narrative and writing are commendable, offering a mix of humor, sorrow, and amusement. The game encourages experimentation by allowing players to explore various outcomes. The recent update has addressed the initial concerns about the game's length and completeness, making it a more solid and fulfilling experience.

The mobile versions of Storyteller do not currently support controller input. However, the touch controls are smooth and responsive, ensuring an enjoyable gameplay experience. Visually, the game looks crisp on iPad Pro and Steam Deck, while the iPhone version may have slightly reduced visual fidelity but remains visually appealing.

It is worth noting that playing Storyteller on Netflix requires an active subscription to the streaming service. However, for those who prefer to own the game, a discounted version is currently available on Steam for a limited time. If you have access to a Netflix subscription, Storyteller is definitely worth downloading and exploring.

Overall, Storyteller offers a unique and engaging puzzle experience that showcases the creative potential of video games. This latest update has significantly enhanced the game and should be revisited by existing owners. Whether you're uncovering the mysteries on Netflix or enjoying the portability of the Switch version, Storyteller is a delightful addition to the growing collection of games available on mobile platforms.


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