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Stray Update 1.04 Patch Notes

BlueTwelve Studio has released Stray update 1.04, also known as Patch 4, coinciding with the game's release on Xbox platforms. The patch includes various fixes and improvements to enhance players' experience.

The update addresses localization issues across multiple languages, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience for players worldwide. Additionally, accessibility options have been added for those who struggle with rapid tapping, including toggle options for running, defluxor, and shaking Zurks.

To minimize the emotional impact, an option to hide cat death has been included in the update. The developers recognized that this aspect might be too sad for some players and provided a solution to make their gaming experience more enjoyable.

The patch also brings numerous crash fixes, addressing various situations that previously caused the game to crash. Furthermore, audio decompression errors and stuttering that occurred on specific configurations have been resolved, enhancing the overall audio experience.

In addition, collision and navmesh fixes have been implemented to improve the game's physics and movement mechanics. As cats are known to be agile and have unique fluid movements, the developers aimed to make controlling the character more fluid and enjoyable for players.

These are the key fixes and improvements introduced with Stray update 1.04. As the developers continue to work on the game's development, they will release further patches to address any issues that may arise. Stay tuned for future updates to enhance your Stray experience.