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Street Fighter 6: Dive Kicks Getting Shut Down in Surprising Ways

In previous Street Fighter games, characters with dive kicks were often considered top-tier threats. However, that doesn't seem to be the case in Street Fighter 6. Players have been sharing clips of their dive kicks getting beaten out in unexpected ways.

One player, Shuckle, demonstrated Jamie's Luminous Dive Kick getting cleanly beaten by Chun-Li's sweep. Another player, SKGC|Sakuyo, shared a similar experience with JP's crouching medium kick defeating the dive kick.

Perhaps the most surprising clip came from Omega, who showed Jamie being tagged out of the air by Ryu's ax kick, even though it appeared to not touch him at all.

It seems that Capcom may have expanded the hurtbox and slightly shrunk the hitbox on dive kicks in Street Fighter 6. This observation applies not only to Jamie but also to other characters like Juri and Cammy.

Despite Jamie having the fastest startup on his dive kick, he seems to suffer the most from being shut down. Players have been expressing frustration and surprise at how easily their dive kicks are being stopped or traded by extended hitboxes.

It appears that Capcom is being cautious in balancing dive kicks in Street Fighter 6. Players will need to be careful with spacing and setups when attempting dive kicks, which is an unexpected concern in the Street Fighter series.

As the game develops, players will have to wait and see how the developers address this issue and adjust the move accordingly. Until then, dive kick strategies will require careful execution and adaptation.