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Street Fighter 6 Easter Egg Unveiled: Hidden Command Changes Commentator Sounds

Capcom's fighting games are known for hiding references and Easter eggs, and Street Fighter 6 is no exception. Director Takayuki Nakayama recently revealed that there was a secret hidden in SF6's in-game commentary feature that no one had discovered yet. After some investigation, the secret has finally been uncovered.

To unlock the Easter egg, players need to input a specific command during the final face loading screen before a match. On a PlayStation controller, the command is down, R1, up, L1, square, cross, triangle, and then circle. It is important to have the commentary feature enabled, as this is what triggers the change.

When the secret command is entered, all commentator clips in the game will be replaced with random animal noises. Players will hear sounds of a cat, rooster, elephant, lion, horse, sheep, and dog during matches and rematches.

Interestingly, the Easter egg code is the same as the one used in Street Fighter 2 on Super Famicom to select the same character. When executed correctly, the classic sound effect from Street Fighter 2 is played.

Speculation suggests that this secret feature may have been a developer tool used to test commentator functionality during the game's development. It is possible that the feature was intentionally left in for comedic effect.

Street Fighter 5 also included secret inputs tied to alternate costume variants. With this new Easter egg in Street Fighter 6, players are now curious if there are more hidden secrets waiting to be discovered in the game.

Given the multitude of modes and characters in SF6, it is highly likely that there are additional secrets yet to be found. It may take months or even years for players to uncover everything unless more hints are provided.

Now, players can enjoy the fun of hearing animal sounds during their Street Fighter 6 matches and truly embrace their wild animal side.