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Street Fighter 6 Players Upset with High-Priced TMNT DLC

Street Fighter 6 players have expressed their disappointment with Capcom after learning that the TMNT DLC for the game will cost $100 for those who want to purchase all of the content.

On August 6, Capcom announced a collaboration with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Street Fighter 6. The collab features costumes, accessories, emotes, and more for all four TMNT characters. However, the pricing for this content was not initially disclosed in the teaser trailer, leading to much speculation and anticipation.

The pricing details have been revealed since the DLC's release, and it has become a topic of discussion among players. Street Fighter 6 players can purchase in-game items using Fighter Coins, which are sold by Capcom in different bundles. The cost of 250 Fighter Coins is $4.99, while the bundle of 2,750 coins is priced at $49.99.

According to VGC, each of the four TMNT heroes in Street Fighter 6 costs 750 coins, while the Turtle mask accessories are worth 250 Fighter Coins each. The TMNT-themed content also includes sticker sets, camera frames, taunts, and in-game device wallpapers, which amount to 1,300 coins if purchased together.

To buy all of the TMNT gear, players will need to spend at least 5,300 Fighter Coins. This can be achieved by purchasing two bundles of 2,750 coins, totaling $99.98 without taxes.

The high prices of the DLC have resulted in backlash from fans. Many dedicated Street Fighter and TMNT fans have expressed their disappointment with the pricing, with some describing it as a “s**t show.” Others have criticized Capcom for adopting a microtransaction approach and compared it to previous crossover content in games like Monster Hunter.

However, some fans argue that since the TMNT content is purely cosmetic, players can choose not to purchase it to show their frustration to Capcom.

Overall, the high-priced TMNT DLC in Street Fighter 6 has received negative feedback from fans and may be remembered as a disappointing crossover.