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Students Using Chat GPT for Schoolwork, But Can Teachers Determine Its Use?

In the past year, students have discovered the capabilities of Chat GPT, a technology that can assist with schoolwork. Initially, there were concerns that students may misuse it for cheating, prompting worries that they would stop writing their own essays. However, recent data suggests that students are indeed utilizing Chat GPT for academic purposes.

Researchers, led by AI expert Francois Chollet of Google Deep Learning, used Google Search results to gauge the prevalence of Chat GPT usage among students. They found a significant increase in searches for Chat GPT starting in January, surpassing even popular games like Minecraft by mid-April. Interestingly, during the summer break, searches for Minecraft rose while those for Chat GPT decreased. However, when schools reopened, searches for Chat GPT once again exceeded those for Minecraft.

While these findings provide some insight into student behavior, they do not offer a reliable method for teachers to determine whether a paper was written by a student or generated by Chat GPT. Some teachers have attempted to elicit a response from Chat GPT by asking if it wrote a particular essay. However, the results have been inconclusive. In one experiment, a 100-page paper on the solar system written in the style of a 4th grader was inputted into Chat GPT. Initially, Chat GPT denied writing the paper, but upon further inquiry, it admitted that the content was generated by AI.

According to Chat GPT's resource page for teachers, the system is not always accurate in admitting its own work. It states that Chat GPT sometimes responds with random and unfounded answers to questions about its authorship. Therefore, relying solely on Chat GPT's self-reporting is not a reliable method for teachers to determine whether a document was created by a student or by AI.

In conclusion, while students are increasingly embracing Chat GPT for their academic needs, teachers will need to explore alternative methods to determine whether a piece of work was authored by a student or generated by AI.

– Jamey Tucker, “Students Discovering the Role of AI in Schoolwork”, [Publisher], Sep 20, 2023.