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Super Mega Baseball 4 Patch Update Includes DLC #3

EA and Metalhead Software have recently released Patch #4 for Super Mega Baseball 4, available for all platforms. This update brings several fixes and improvements to the game. Alongside the patch, DLC #3 featuring the Castillo Arena has also been made available for players who own the Ballpark Edition.

One of the key fixes in this patch addresses an issue with player re-signing in Franchise mode. Previously, the Undo Release action was sometimes disabled when it should not be, and vice versa. With the latest update, this problem has been resolved, ensuring a smoother experience for players managing their teams.

Additionally, a visual glitch involving player shadows on home plate at Ciudad de Colores has been fixed. Previously, the shadows did not appear correctly, but this issue has now been addressed, enhancing the visual fidelity of the game.

Another bug fixed in this update is related to the Exhibition team select on Steam. If players attempted to toggle Ego mode too quickly after joining a team, the game could crash. This issue has been resolved, providing a more stable gameplay experience for Steam users.

Furthermore, a specific crash issue on the PS5 version of the game has been fixed. Loading into a stadium with Shader Quality set to Low or Medium could cause the game to crash on the Steam Deck. With the latest patch, this problem has been rectified, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience for PS5 users.

Lastly, a minor issue during the EAPlay trial has been addressed. Previously, a UGC (User-Generated Content) warning would incorrectly appear when playing Pennant Race or Online Leagues. This warning no longer appears, providing a more seamless trial experience for players.

Overall, the Super Mega Baseball 4 Patch #4 and the newly released Castillo Arena DLC offer various improvements and fixes to enhance the gameplay experience. Players can now enjoy a more stable and visually polished baseball simulation.