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Sword of Convallaria: For This World of Peace Set to Launch on Multiple Platforms

Sword of Convallaria: For This World of Peace, a strategy RPG developed by XD, has been announced to launch on PC, iOS, and Android this fall. Pre-registration is available for both iOS and Android, and versions for PlayStation and Switch are also planned.

The game is set in the fantasy world of Rodinia, specifically in the nation of Iria, which is known for its Luxite minerals. As the player, you wake up in a dungeon and must escape to the town of Convallaria, where the threat of conflict between different factions looms. As the leader of the Sword of Convallaria Mercenary Group, your decisions will shape the narrative and determine the fate of the characters.

Sword of Convallaria: For This World of Peace offers console-quality graphics and strategic gameplay. Through recruiting companions, teaching skills, forging equipment, researching technology, and accepting missions from various factions, you can customize your own mercenary group. In battles, strategic maneuvers and the use of terrain elements will be crucial to defeating enemies.

The game was recently spotlighted by JRPG veteran Yasumi Matsuno, known for titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Tactics. Matsuno praised the game's retro-style pixel art and the expansive number of maps and stages, with multiple endings based on the player's choices.

Sword of Convallaria: For This World of Peace aims to evoke the beauty and fragility of peace through its name, “Convallaria.” More details about the game, including a gameplay deep dive, are expected to be revealed in the future. Watch the teaser trailer below for a glimpse of what is to come.