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Sybo partners with Milkywire and pledges donations to Mission Blue to support environmental projects

Sybo, the creator of Subway Surfers with 150 million monthly active users and four billion downloads, has made a donation of $25,000 to Milkywire, an impact platform for supporting environmental projects. The donation aims to preserve the Amazon Rainforest and is accompanied by limited edition in-game activations to encourage players to contribute to Milkywire's impact funds. Additionally, Sybo has pledged donations to Mission Blue, an organization dedicated to protecting marine ecosystems.

To further promote environmental action, Sybo has introduced an optional in-game purchase of a limited edition Toad Outfit for the character Yutani, with 100% of the profits from these purchases being donated to environmental efforts.

Sybo CEO Mathias Gredal Nørvig and Playmob CEO Jude Ower are co-writing a book titled “Gaming for Good” in which they discuss the positive impact and potential of gaming in driving real change. The book aims to inspire industry players while demystifying the perception of gaming for those outside the industry.

In an interview, Nørvig highlights that many people don't realize the number of gamers and their potential for impact. He also emphasizes the ability of games to raise awareness and amplify experiences when they are combined with a purpose. The book includes qualitative interviews about what people in the industry are doing, as well as case studies and suggestions for further engagement.

Sybo, based in Copenhagen and acquired by Miniclip in 2022, continues to find ways to support environmental causes and engage its Subway Surfers community in environmental action. Through partnerships and donations, the company is making a positive contribution to the preservation of natural environments.