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Symphonia: A Musical Journey of Platforming and Orchestra

Headup Games and developer Sunny Peak have announced a new side-scrolling platformer called Symphonia. Set to release on console and PC (Steam) in early 2024, Symphonia takes players on a musical adventure in a world where music is the life force.

In Symphonia, players assume the role of a mysterious violinist who has been brought back to life in a declining world. The violin and bow serve as both instruments and means of transport. Players must catapult themselves through the world, solving platforming challenges and re-activating machinery to restore life and energy.

The game features a musical world inspired by symphonic orchestras, with each area having its own distinct feel and characters. Players will encounter prodigious musicians scattered across the realm, and their task is to convince these musicians to join the orchestra. The hand-crafted rooms and colorful characters create a captivating environment for players to explore.

One of the highlights of Symphonia is its unique soundtrack, composed by Olivier Esman. The soundtrack is influenced by the romantic musical period and features performances by the Scoring Orchestra Paris, recorded exclusively for the game. Players will engage in engrossing concerts centered around different families of instruments, such as strings, brass, and woodwinds.

Symphonia offers players the chance to experience and overcome challenging platforming obstacles while utilizing the abilities of the violinist protagonist, Philemon. By playing the violin, players activate level elements and bring life back to the realm. They must gather musical prodigies and participate in breathtaking concerts to restore music, joy, and glory to the land.

Embark on a musical journey unlike any other in Symphonia, where platforming and orchestra merge to create a unique and enchanting experience. Get ready to awaken Symphonia and rediscover the power of music.

– Headup Games
– Sunny Peak

– Side-scrolling: A genre of video games where the gameplay perspective is primarily horizontal, with the character or objects moving from left to right or vice versa.
– Platformer: A genre of video games where the player controls a character to navigate platforms and overcome obstacles.
– Steam: A digital distribution platform for video games and other media developed by Valve Corporation.