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SYNCED: A Futuristic Co-op Shooter Revolutionizing the Game

SYNCED, the highly anticipated co-op shooter game, has made its mark on the gaming community with its recent release on PC. Developed by NExT Studios and Level Infinite, SYNCED takes players on an exhilarating journey through a post-apocalyptic world filled with nanotech nightmares known as Nanos. The game is available now on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, with versions for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S set to launch in the winter.

The launch of SYNCED has been accompanied by exciting trailers, giving players a taste of the heart-pounding action that awaits them in the game's Rift Chasers season. Set against the backdrop of the Meridian, a desolate landscape overrun by twisted humans affected by failed nanotech experiments, players take on the role of courageous Runners in search of the valuable nano-energy resource known as Nerva.

SYNCED sets itself apart from other shooters with its unique gameplay mechanics. Players have the ability to turn their enemies into allies by syncing up with Prime Nanos and converting them into Companion Nanos. These companions provide additional skills and strategic advantages, allowing players to unleash their full potential as they navigate the dangerous world of SYNCED.

For those who prefer solo play, SYNCED offers an opportunity to take on the challenges of the Meridian alone and prove their worth as an alpha Runner. Additionally, players have access to various mods and power-ups that can be acquired through exchange machines or obtained at the Runners' HQ, Haven. These upgrades, both temporary and permanent, allow players to customize their gameplay experience and delve deeper into the mysteries of the Meridian.

SYNCED also features a unique arsenal of futuristic firearms, known as Guntech. These weapons are far from ordinary, offering exciting features like the “Vicious Cycle,” which unleashes extra damage by recalling fired bullets upon reloading.

But the excitement doesn't end with the game's launch. NExT Studios has plans for continuous updates, including the introduction of new Runners, Nanos, and maps in future seasons. SYNCED is a game that adapts to the player, offering a thrilling experience whether you choose to go it alone or team up with friends.

In conclusion, SYNCED has arrived on the gaming scene with a bang. With its immersive post-apocalyptic world, unique co-op gameplay mechanics, and continuous updates, this futuristic shooter is sure to captivate gamers of all kinds.


– SYNCED: Futuristic Co-op Shooter Unveils New PC Demo during Steam’s Next Fest
– Definition of “Nanos”: Humans twisted by failed nanotech experiments.
– Definition of “Nerva”: A high-value nano-energy resource.