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T1 Fans Target Gumayusi for Performance in LCK Summer 2023 Finals

T1 fans are known for their passion and loyalty, but sometimes that passion spills over into frustration when the team underperforms. This time, the target of their frustration is Lee ‘Gumayusi' Min-hyeong for his performance in the LCK Summer 2023 Finals.

T1, with their iconic brand and star player Lee ‘Faker' Sang-hyeok, is one of the most highly regarded organizations in esports. The return of Faker to the team prior to the Playoffs had raised hopes of a regional title, but their loss in the Grand Finals to Gen.G was disappointing and left fans frustrated. In fact, the series set a new LCK viewership record, with many fans witnessing T1's defeat.

In the aftermath of the finals, trucks have been spotted at T1's headquarters conveying messages that mock Gumayusi for his performance in the set. Gen.G had defeated T1 in a closely contested 3-2 set just a week before, giving T1 fans hope that they would finally dethrone Gen.G after their year-long dominance. However, Gen.G showcased superior drafting and gameplay, leaving T1 unable to respond effectively.

One angry fan called out Gumayusi specifically for his inability to match up to Gen.G's Peyz. The fan criticized Gumayusi's damage/gold ratio and suggested that he should stick to playing Xayah, the only champion he found success with against Gen.G previously.

Streamer Nick ‘LS' De Cesare has condemned these actions, referring to the fans as “disturbing individuals” for berating players at their place of practice. However, the accusations triggered a debate within the community regarding Gumayusi's performance and whether blame should be placed on T1's drafting choices instead.

It is worth noting that Game 3 proved to be challenging for Gumayusi as his pick, Draven, was heavily countered by both Nilah and Jax. This made it difficult for him to make an impact, regardless of his positioning and mechanical skill.

Despite the backlash, T1 has a history of performing well in international events. It remains to be seen if they can rise above the criticism and seize the title at Worlds 2023.

– Carver Fisher, “LCK star T1 Gumayusi mocked following loss to Gen.G”, (source article)