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Talent Digital Art Unveils Super Dragon Punch Force 3 Game at Toronto Film Festival

Talent Digital Art has announced the upcoming release of a new fighting game, Super Dragon Punch Force 3, which originated from a fictional arcade game featured in director Moritz Mohr's film Boy Kills World. The movie, produced by Sam Raimi, follows the story of a deaf warrior seeking vengeance against a malevolent matriarch. The film incorporates elements of arcade games, violent comics, and martial-arts cinema, and one of the arcade games, Super Dragon Punch Force II, is now being brought to life as a playable game in the Boy Kills World franchise.

Super Dragon Punch Force 3 is set in a comic book store called Zed's Comics, offering players a world of combat arenas and fast-paced matches. The game draws inspiration from modern comic books and manga, making it particularly appealing to fighting game enthusiasts. The release is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.

To celebrate the unveiling of Super Dragon Punch Force 3, attendees of the Boy Kills World premiere at the Toronto Film Festival will receive a QR code that grants access to the game. This code will allow players to enjoy both single and multiplayer experiences.

In Boy Kills World, Bill Skarsgard portrays the protagonist, who battles against Hilda Van Der Koy, played by Famke Janssen. Van Der Koy leads a corrupt post-apocalyptic dynasty that has orphaned Boy and left him deaf. Boy is trained by a shaman, played by Yayan Ruhian, to become an instrument of revenge.

The Toronto Film Festival will be ongoing until September 17th.


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