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Team 21 Studio Addresses Community Questions in Tavern Talk

In a recent Tavern Talk event held by Team 21 Studio, the development team of the VR MMORPG Ilysia, community questions were addressed regarding the beta tests, the decision to head into beta, the fate of the freeforge class system, and future plans. The discussion was recorded and shared with the community, highlighting a renewed commitment to improving communication.

During the talk, Team 21 Studio co-founder and Ilysia Creative Director Art Fogle expressed the importance of collaboration between the studio and the Ilysia community. Fogle acknowledged the need for better communication and pledged to work alongside the community in shaping the game.

Regarding the previously promised freeforge class system, which was dropped prior to the first beta test, the development team admitted that they should have been more transparent about their plans. Concerns about balancing player-versus-player (PvP) gameplay led them to withdraw the system, as they feared it could compromise the game's PvP experience. However, feedback from the community revealed that many players actually preferred the freeforge class system over PvP. This feedback has encouraged the team to reconsider and work on reintegrating the freeforge system into Ilysia while actively listening to community input.

Team 21 Studio is diligently working on various aspects of Ilysia, including gear, items, armor, starting areas, voice acting, and polish. In preparation for Early Access, they are committed to implementing the lessons learned from community feedback and are exploring options such as polling and an improved bug reporting and feedback system.

To further engage with the community, another Tavern Talk event is scheduled for today at 4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific on Discord. For more updates on Ilysia, visit the official website.

– VR MMORPG: Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.
– PvP: Player-versus-Player gameplay.

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