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Team Fortress 2 Increases Maximum Player Count to 100, Despite Warnings

Team Fortress 2, the popular online class-based FPS game developed by Valve, has been around for over 15 years. Recently, Valve made the surprising decision to increase the maximum number of players who can join a server at once to 100. However, they caution that the game does not properly support that many players.

Despite the warning, the community has embraced the chaotic 100-player TF2 servers. While the console versions of the game have been abandoned, the PC version on Steam continues to receive regular updates, including the latest patch that introduced this higher player count option.

Valve released the update on July 25, along with an extensive list of tweaks and changes. The increase in maximum player count from 32 to 100 grabbed the attention of many players. However, Valve also emphasized that they do not officially support playing with 100 players and do not recommend it. They will not address any bugs or issues that arise from playing with such a large number of players.

Unsurprisingly, playing TF2 with 100 players has resulted in various issues for players. Lag, poor framerates, broken models, collision problems, and crashes have been reported. These problems are expected, given that the game was not originally designed to handle such a high player count.

While the experience may be flawed, many players still find the chaos of 100-player servers entertaining. It's like witnessing an alternate dimension where Valve collaborated with Sega to create a Total War: Team Fortress 2 spin-off. Despite the challenges, the game manages to deliver an enjoyable experience, even if it occasionally stumbles.

Overall, the introduction of high-player-count servers comes at a fitting time, as Team Fortress 2 continues to set player count records on Steam following its recent major update.