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Teamfight Tactics Shurima Cup: Top 32 Players Set for Runeterra Reforged Finale

Over 100 players participated in the Teamfight Tactics Shurima Cup, which took place from August 5th to 6th. The tournament continued until August 12th to 13th, where the top 32 players earned a spot in the Runeterra Reforged Mid-Set Finale.

The North American Shurima Cup marked the end of the first half of TFT Set Nine and featured gameplay through Patch 13.15. The tournament followed a similar format to the Freljord Cup, with 128 players competing on the first two days. Only 32 players advanced to the second weekend, joining the top-ranked players from Set Nine ladder snapshots and the top four players from the Freljord Cup.

On the third day of the NA Shurima Cup, the top 32 players from the previous days, along with the top-ranked 32 players in TFT Set Nine, competed. The players were split into eight lobbies, with the lobbies rotating every two rounds.

TL Robinsongz had a strong start to the tournament, winning two consecutive lobbies. Other players like TSM Souless, DQA, and Cambulee also won game one lobbies. By the end of round two, AMDE, World Champion rereplay, Cambulee, and Rainplosion secured top positions on the leaderboard.

Lobbies were rotated after game two, and players like Prestivent, sètsuko, TSM Souless, and Wasianiverson won their respective lobbies in game three. Heading into game four, WasianIverson held the top spot on the leaderboard with 23 points, followed closely by sètsuko with 21 points.

As game five approached, players felt the pressure of making the top 32 cut. TSM Souless, Velayy, TSM Kiyoon, and sètsuko secured lobby wins to potentially secure their spots. Before the final game, players like Rereplay, Rainplosion, and BC Socks were just outside the top 32 threshold, while Wasianiverson, sètsuko, and TSM Souless remained in the top three.

In the end, these top 32 players qualified for the Runeterra Reforged Mid-Set Finale.