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Tencent to Revive Delta Force with New Free-to-Play Shooter in 2024

Tencent has announced plans to revive the popular tactical first-person shooter (FPS) series Delta Force. The new game, developed by TiMi Studios, will be a free-to-play military-realistic PvP shooter set in destructible maps. It will feature drivable vehicles and aircraft, dynamic weather, and various enemy factions and classes. The game is set to launch in 2024 on PC, consoles, and mobile platforms and will support crossplay.

The original Delta Force game was released in 1998 and garnered a decent critical reception. It gained a following with its emphasis on long-distance firefights and impressive draw distances. TiMi Studios, the Chinese company behind Call of Duty: Mobile, acknowledges Delta Force's popularity in China, particularly as it was one of the first FPS games introduced to the country's internet cafes. While the younger generation may not be familiar with Delta Force, it holds nostalgic value for older players, serving as the beginning of their FPS experience.

TiMi Studios has consulted with former members of the Delta Force development team to ensure the new game stays true to its roots. They have also invited old-school Delta Force fans to playtest the game. The new Delta Force will include an updated special operator customization system and an expanded arsenal. It will offer two main modes: an extraction-based affair and a PvP experience with different missions in various parts of each map.

One of the exciting additions to the new game is a campaign mode based on the Ridley Scott film, Black Hawk Down. This mode will feature a new version of the original Black Hawk Down map, as well as recreations of the film's night fights and vehicle scenes. TiMi Studios has collaborated with Revolution Studio, one of the movie's production companies, and has enlisted Hollywood actors to portray key characters.

The producers of the new Delta Force game promise an intelligent AI system and an immersive feel that distinguishes their shooter from others in the genre. They aim to provide players with a more tactical and authentic battlefield combat experience.

While the announcement of the new Delta Force game brings excitement, it also raises questions regarding the portrayal of the Battle of Mogadishu in Black Hawk Down. Criticism has been drawn toward the film for its lack of Somali actors and its portrayal of the US troops as flawed heroes while dehumanizing the Somalis. It remains unclear whether TiMi Studios consulted with Somali individuals or organizations in the creation of the Black Hawk Down map for the new game.

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