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Tennis On-Court for PlayStation VR2 Gets Release Date

Perp Games has announced that Tennis On-Court, a PlayStation VR2 title, will be released on October 20th. The game will be available both physically and digitally, with a slight delay between the two depending on the region of purchase.

Tennis On-Court will take advantage of the haptic feedback feature of the PSVR2 hardware. In addition, the game will incorporate eye tracking for menu navigation, as well as options for customizing characters and equipment.

The experience of Decathlon & Artengo engineers, who work on the design of tennis equipment for professional players, contributes to the realism of the game. Users will be able to perform various tennis techniques such as lift, slice, dropshot, and retro shots while feeling like real tennis players.

The game offers different gameplay modes, including Arcade or Realistic, and three types of movement: Teleport, Automatic, and Manual. Players can fully customize their avatars, choose from 13 different rackets with unique characteristics, and compete in six stadiums with different surfaces.

Tennis On-Court also includes five assist options to help players improve their performance, a spectator mode to watch friends and opponents in action, and an AI system with motion-captured animations to make opponents feel more human.

Similar to C-Smash VRS, Tennis On-Court will provide multiplayer modes for both singles (1v1) and doubles (2v2), online matches, and a spectator mode for watching others play.

Tennis On-Court will be available on PlayStation VR via PS5 starting from October 20th.