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The 1.20.2 Patch for Minecraft Java Edition: Player Reporting, Mob Attack Reach Changes, and More!

The 1.20.2 Patch for Minecraft Java Edition has been released, bringing exciting new features and changes to the game. One of the main additions is the Player Reporting feature, which allows players to report inappropriate player skins and names through the Social Interactions Screen. If a skin or name is found to be violating the Community Standards, it can lead to actions such as banning the skin or name from being used, or even suspending the player from online play for repeated offenses.

In addition to the Player Reporting feature, there have been changes to mob attack reach calculations. Previously, a mob's horizontal width was used to determine its attack reach, but now the height also plays a role. This means that there are new situations where mobs may not be able to reach players. For example, if a mob is entirely below or above a player, it will not be able to attack. Riding on certain-sized mobs, like a Horse or Camel, can also provide protection from smaller or standard-sized mobs.

Other changes in the patch include increased frequency of Diamond Ore generation in the Deepslate layers of the Overworld, optimizations to networked play, and adjustments to entity riding positions for better alignment. There are also new accessibility options, such as the “Narrator Hotkey” that allows players to toggle the narrator on and off.

The patch notes also mention various improvements and tweaks, including custom sounds for Sponges and Wet Sponges, waterlogging of Barrier blocks in Creative mode, changes to villager curing discounts, and new vibrations for in-game actions.

For the full details of the 1.20.2 Patch, including experimental changes, you can visit the official Minecraft website's blog post.

– Minecraft Java Edition Official Website