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The 1.20.30 Update for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Improved “You Died” Experience, Recipe Unlocking, and More!

The latest update for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, version 1.20.30, has been released, bringing several exciting changes and improvements to the game. One of the notable updates is an enhanced “You Died” experience. After dying in the game, players will now see a screen that zooms out, making it easier to understand the cause of their demise. The hotbar will also be visible at all times, and certain settings can be adjusted before respawning.

In addition to this, the crawl feature has been fully implemented into the game. Players can now crawl under one-block gaps effortlessly. The camera's interpolation rate has been updated to match the Java Edition, ensuring smoother gameplay. Various bugs related to crawling have also been fixed.

Recipe Unlocking is another feature that has received significant improvements in this update. It is no longer an experimental feature and can be enabled or disabled on a per-world basis. The command for unlocking recipes has been updated, and the “Recipe unlocked” message will no longer appear on the pause menu. Furthermore, the Stained Glass Pane recipe now gets unlocked when obtaining any dyes.

There have also been enhancements to the recipe book search function. The search will now only match the beginning of any word in an item's name. This update works in conjunction with the Recipe Unlocking system, allowing experienced players to find specific items while preventing overwhelming new players with unfamiliar recipes.

In terms of gameplay, various adjustments have been made to improve the overall experience. For example, the breaking times of 188 blocks have been adjusted to match the Java Edition. The Wandering Trader now trades Cherry Saplings, and villagers are now prevented from gaining a profession while sleeping. Potions no longer get thrown backward when looking up.

On the audio front, several sounds have been added or fixed. This includes the addition of the Thorns damage sound, proper sound effects for anvils when broken or stepped on, and sound effects for Skeletons and Drowned when firing Arrows and Tridents, respectively.

These are just a few of the many updates and improvements included in the 1.20.30 Update for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. For a complete list of changes, you can refer to the official Minecraft website's blog post.

– Minecraft Bedrock Edition Patch Notes. [URL to the official Minecraft website's blog post]