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The AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D: The Fastest Gaming CPU

The AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D is currently available at Scan with some exciting freebies – a pair of Gunnar blue light glasses and a copy of Starfield. This surprising offer comes on top of the lowest price ever seen for the fastest gaming CPU on the market, making it a deal worth considering for gamers looking for a new rig.

Although the current CPU rankings do not reflect its speed, I was extremely impressed with the 7800X3D in my review. In fact, at Digital Foundry, we rank it in the number one spot on our rankings. This CPU is truly exceptional, combining the natural strength of the Ryzen 7000 series with a massive extra X3D cache and a simplified single-chiplet design. It comes close to its pricier counterparts, outperforming them in games that do not benefit from the multi-chiplet design found in the Ryzen 9 X3D chips.

Moreover, the 7800X3D even outperforms both the Intel Core i9 12900K and 13900K in six of the nine games tested, while consuming significantly less power. This makes AMD the obvious choice for high refresh rate gaming in the current era.

These impressive results have led me to seriously consider using the 7800X3D for my own PC build, which currently relies on the 12700K. Will I achieve higher frame rates with the 7800X3D? Should I switch to AMD? Most likely, especially given the excellent price and the additional perks of blue light glasses and a copy of Starfield.

In conclusion, the AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D is a powerhouse of a CPU, offering exceptional performance for gamers. With its attractive price and bonus items, it presents a tempting option for those looking to upgrade their gaming setup.