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The Best Backgrounds and Traits to Pick in Starfield

Now that Starfield is officially released on Game Pass, players will face the task of creating their character. With several choices to make, it may feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

One of the first decisions players need to make is choosing a background for their character. This choice not only affects the character's backstory but also determines the three starting skills. These skills are crucial for gameplay, as they dictate playstyle, such as piloting ships, lock-picking, and combat proficiency. It is important to have an idea of how you want to play the game before making this decision. However, it should be noted that it is not a permanent choice. As players progress in the game, they will accumulate skill points to unlock other skills.

There are several excellent backgrounds to pick in Starfield. The Soldier background allows players to start with increased oxygen, increased damage from bullet-based guns, and instant access to boost packs, making it suitable for beginners who prefer combat-oriented gameplay. The Long Hauler background offers an increased inventory size and basic ship piloting skills, providing useful advantages early on.

The Combat Medic background starts with increased max health, higher effectiveness with healing items, and increased pistol damage. The Diplomat background increases the chance of persuading NPCs, better buy and sell prices at stores, and higher max health. The Industrialist background also enhances persuasion chances, with additional abilities to pick advanced locks and research projects using fewer resources.

The Bounty Hunter background provides immediate access to better ships and the ability to target specific ship systems in dogfights. It also grants boost pack training from the beginning. The File Not Found background is the most basic and well-rounded choice, offering better weapon damage, higher max health, and some basic piloting skills.

Aside from background, players are also asked to choose three traits for their character. These traits are even more important than backgrounds, as they have pros and cons and cannot be replaced or obtained later. Some good traits to consider include Raised Enlightened or Raised Universal, which provide no downsides but grant a bonus chest of goodies tied to Starfield's fictional religions. The Neon Street Rat trait offers special dialogue options and unlocks unique faction rewards, with the only downside being increased crime bounties from other factions.

The Empath trait provides a combat bonus for making choices that please human companions and a combat demerit for doing the opposite. It also unlocks special dialogue options. The Introvert and Extrovert traits determine oxygen usage when traveling alone or with companions. The Hero Worshipped trait results in being followed by a strange man who brings gifts but can be bothersome. The Alien DNA trait grants increased max health and oxygen, but decreases the effectiveness of healing items.

The Kid Stuff trait allows players to have living parents that they can visit but requires sending them money regularly. The Dream House trait provides instant access to a spacious and customizable house with ample storage but comes with a mortgage payment of 125,000 credits.

Choosing traits may feel daunting, but it's essential to weigh the downsides against the benefits. Some disadvantages are avoidable or can even add to the game's experience. It's worth experimenting with different traits to see how they enhance gameplay in Starfield.

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