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The Best Fast Attack for Vikavolt in Pokémon GO Battle League

In September 2023, the Pokémon GO Community Day features the Larva Pokémon, Grubbin, from the Alola region. Grubbin evolves into Charjabug, and then into Vikavolt. During the event, evolving Charjabug into Vikavolt will give you a Vikavolt that knows the event-exclusive Fast Attack, Volt Switch. This article will provide an overview of whether it is worth evolving Grubbin to obtain Volt Switch.

Volt Switch is the best Fast Attack option for Vikavolt in Pokémon GO Battle League. It has high damage output and generates energy rapidly, making it ideal for PvP battles. However, Vikavolt is not the best choice for open editions of the Great League, Ultra League, or Master League. It is also banned from special Cups like the Electric Cup: Great League Edition. Galvantula, another Bug and Electric-type Pokémon, outclasses Vikavolt in battle simulations and is a better choice for Trainer Battles.

To obtain a Vikavolt that knows Volt Switch, you need to evolve Charjabug using 100 Grubbin Candy in the presence of a Magnetic Lure during the Community Day or up to five hours after. After the event, the attack may only be available using an Elite Fast TM.

In summary, Volt Switch is an excellent Fast Attack for Vikavolt in Pokémon GO Battle League. However, it is not the best choice for all PvP battles and is outclassed by Galvantula. Evolving Grubbin during the Community Day event is the only way to obtain a Vikavolt with Volt Switch.

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