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The Best M13C Loadout in Modern Warfare 2 Season 5

The Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 update has brought the new M13C Assault Rifle to the game, aiming to establish itself as a top pick in multiplayer. If you're interested in trying it out, here is the best M13C loadout for Modern Warfare 2 Season 5, including attachments, Perks, and Equipment.

The Season 5 update in Modern Warfare 2 introduced new weapons like the Carrack .300 and FR Avancer, as well as buffs and nerfs to existing guns. Additionally, the recent reveal event for Modern Warfare 3 unveiled the M13C, which is described as a versatile and hard-hitting Assault Rifle that could potentially become a strong choice in Season 5.

Here is the recommended M13C loadout for Modern Warfare 2:

– Muzzle: FTAC Castle Comp
– Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
– Optic: Cronen Mini Pro
– Rear Grip: D37 Grip
– Magazine: 45 Round Mag

The FTAC Castle Comp attachment reduces both horizontal and vertical recoil, helping you stay on target. The VLK LZR 7MW improves sprint-to-fire speed, ensuring you land accurate shots quickly. The D37 Grip provides additional recoil control, making the M13C effective on larger maps. The Cronen Mini Pro Optic enhances accuracy, though it can be substituted with an Underbarrel attachment if you prefer iron sights. Lastly, the 45 Round Mag increases ammo capacity to deal with multiple enemies without needing frequent reloads.

In terms of Perks and Equipment, the recommended loadout is:

– Base Perk 1: Tracker
– Base Perk 2: Double Time
– Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
– Ultimate Perk: Ghost
– Lethal: Drill Charge
– Tactical: Flash Grenade

Tracker highlights enemy footsteps, aiding in tracking and locating them. Double Time extends sprint duration for greater mobility. Fast Hands enables quick weapon reloading and switching, minimizing downtime. Ghost keeps you hidden from enemy Killstreaks. For Equipment, the Drill Charge is a powerful tool to dispatch enemies behind cover, and Flash Grenades can blind foes before moving in for the kill.

To unlock the M13C in Modern Warfare 2, players need to participate in Warzone 2's Shadow Siege event and help eliminate five commanders. Currently, there is no other way to obtain the gun in MW2 itself. It is unknown if there will be an in-game challenge to unlock the M13C after the event ends on August 21.

If you're interested in trying alternative Assault Rifles instead of the M13C, the TAQ-56 and the classic M4 are both solid choices.

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