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The Best Supports for Miss Fortune in LoL

Rell is one of the best supports to pair with Miss Fortune in League of Legends. While their laning phase may not be the strongest, they excel in hard-engages and diving. Rell provides excellent crowd control, keeping enemies locked down while Miss Fortune uses her abilities to secure kills. Their wombo combo is devastating, with Miss Fortune using “Make It Rain” to slow enemies and “Bullet Time” to unleash massive damage.

Amumu is another great support for Miss Fortune. Similar to Rell, Amumu specializes in engaging and locking down enemies. Although his crowd control is single-target without his ultimate, he compensates by being adept at making picks and preventing enemy escapes. Miss Fortune can follow up with her ultimate, “Bullet Time,” for maximum damage.

Rakan, while not the ideal support for setting up Miss Fortune's “Bullet Time,” has a versatile kit that aids in engaging and peeling. He can dash in and taunt multiple targets, protecting Miss Fortune from enemy burst damage. As long as there is follow-up crowd control from the rest of the team, Rakan can be a solid choice for a consistent bot lane duo.

Nautilus is an aggressive support champion who excels at engaging and tanking enemies. His combo of “Depth Charge,” “Dredge Line,” and “Riptide” can immobilize an enemy, allowing Miss Fortune to unleash her ultimate. Both champions have strong burst potential, but their low mobility makes them vulnerable to ganks and roams. Communication and map awareness are crucial for success with this duo.

Leona and Miss Fortune make a formidable pair in the bot lane. Leona's ability to engage through units sets her apart from other supports, and her durability makes her an excellent frontline for Miss Fortune. With Leona's stun and ultimate combo, Miss Fortune can quickly eliminate targets. Additionally, these two champions can use fog of war to their advantage, setting up traps and making picks.

All these supports offer different strengths and playstyles when paired with Miss Fortune. Choose according to your preferred playstyle and adapt to the laning phase and team composition.