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The Best Teams for Carbink in Pokemon GO Battle League

Pokémon GO players were initially frustrated when Carbink was locked behind a paywall, only accessible to those who purchased a ticket for GO Fest 2023. However, during the 2023 Global GO Fest, Carbink became available to everyone through raids and Field Research rewards.

Now that Carbink is more accessible, players are wondering about the best teams to use Carbink in the Pokémon GO Battle League. In this article, we will explore Carbink's potential in the Great League and discuss whether it is viable in the Ultra League and Master League.

For the Great League, the recommended team with Carbink consists of Shadow Alolan Ninetales as the lead, Medicham as the safe swap, and Carbink as the closer. This team composition allows Carbink to have key wins against top meta Pokémon such as Umbreon, Shadow Gligar, Medicham, Registeel, and more.

In the Ultra League, Carbink's maximum CP of 1,658 falls below the 2,500 CP limit, making it challenging to have successful matches. Therefore, it is not recommended to build a team around Carbink in this league.

Similarly, in the Master League, Carbink's low CP and overall stats make it ineffective against the powerful Steel-type Pokémon commonly seen in this league. Rhyperior, Terrakion, and Shadow Regirock are more viable options for battling in the Master League.

To sum up, Carbink can be a valuable addition to your team for the Great League in Pokémon GO Battle League. However, it is not recommended to use Carbink in the Ultra League or Master League where stronger Pokémon are more prevalent.

Source: Sportskeeda