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The CALF 3D VR180 Camera: A Professional-Grade Tool for Capturing 3D and VR Content

The CALF 3D VR180 camera is a handheld device equipped with dual fisheye lenses that offers a stereoscopic vision, capturing images and videos just like our eyes perceive the world. This camera aims to deliver a truly immersive and realistic experience, enabling you to create content and preserve memories in stunning visual quality.

The camera features two large lenses on the front, each with a wide-angle of 185°, along with Sony CMOS sensors, allowing it to record 8K images and 6K videos. It also comes with built-in stereo microphones that capture a binaural soundscape, providing 3D audio to complement your videos.

The CALF 3D VR180 camera can be used handheld or mounted on a tripod, giving you flexibility in capturing visuals from various perspectives. You can view the recorded content in 2D on the camera's viewfinder or in 3D using a VR headset.

With a focus on professional vloggers, content creators, and early adopters, this camera offers a highly capable 3D and VR content creation tool. Its 34mm custom fisheye lenses and dual Sony CMOS sensors enable the recording of high-quality visuals with exceptional depth perception.

The camera directly records images and videos to its built-in SD card slot, which supports up to 512GB of storage. Additionally, a companion smartphone app allows you to preview and transfer media, as well as upload it to social networks. You can even live stream content via your smartphone, but VR headset viewing is required.

The CALF 3D VR180 camera comes with multiple tripod mounts, enabling the attachment of tripods, selfie sticks, or stabilizing gimbals for professional-grade footage. It also features a stereo microphone for dual-channel audio recording, and an auxiliary input for connecting an external microphone.

Priced at $1499, the CALF 3D VR180 camera offers an affordable option for consumers and content creators venturing into VR-ready cameras. Its price is significantly lower compared to other 8K VR cameras on the market. The camera includes a replaceable 1650mAh battery, providing over 1.5 hours of continuous recording time, and supports charging via USB-C.

To manage your media, the CALF app allows for upload and transfer of content, while the Calf Cut app facilitates video editing and post-production. Each camera package includes lens caps, a storage bag, a 64GB SanDisk SD card, a battery, a lens-cleaning cloth, and a charging brick and cable. The CALF 3D VR180 camera will be available from September 2023, offering ample time for users to explore and master VR imaging before the release of the Apple Vision Pro.