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The Call of Duty Franchise Faces Criticism Over User Interface

Fans of the popular Call of Duty franchise have long been frustrated with various aspects of the games, but one element that consistently receives criticism is the user interface (UI). The UI of Modern Warfare 2, in particular, was met with a negative reaction upon its release last year, prompting players to demand change with the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 3.

A YouTube video titled “How to find the campaign in Modern Warfare 2 (2022)” highlights the poorly optimized user interface of the game. With over 100k views, it exemplifies the issues that players have faced with MW2.

Unlike the original Black Ops menu, which featured a simple linear layout with essential information, the Modern Warfare 2 menu resembled a media dashboard. This interface design, which was borrowed from Hulu's dashboard, has been a source of frustration for many players.

Prospective players of Modern Warfare 3 have described the UI of the previous game as “like a sports game,” indicating that while they appreciate attempts to innovate, the developers may have gone too far. Others have expressed their discontent, stating that the constant changes to the front page of the UI are a major issue.

These criticisms add to the ongoing controversy surrounding Starfield, a Bethesda game criticized for its lack of innovation in the menu design. It appears that no matter what developers do, there will always be complaints about UI design.


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