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The Controversial Character of Kieran in Pokémon’s The Teal Mask DLC

Many Pokémon fans have already completed the Scarlet and Violet DLC, titled The Teal Mask, and one particular character has caused quite a stir within the community. The DLC introduces two important characters, Carmine and her younger brother Kieran. Initially, Carmine may come across as obnoxious, while Kieran is portrayed as shy. However, their roles undergo significant changes throughout the story.

As the story progresses, Carmine's attitude mellows out, transforming her character into a more likable individual. In contrast, Kieran becomes increasingly jealous of the player's friendship with the Legendary Pokémon known as Ogerpon. This jealousy leads Kieran to lash out at both the player and his sister. While some players sympathize with Kieran for feeling left out, others dislike the direction his character takes by the end of the DLC.

Several Reddit threads have popped up, with some users expressing their dissatisfaction with Kieran. One thread criticizes Kieran for expecting Ogerpon to bond with him effortlessly, without putting in any effort himself. Another thread calls him out for overreacting when the player and Carmine keep a significant secret about Ogerpon from him, as if he were entitled to the Legendary Pokémon.

Interestingly, some players take a playful approach and intentionally flaunt their friendship with Ogerpon in Kieran's face. For example, one player shares a selfie with a sleeping Ogerpon, jokingly mentioning how they will send it to Kieran. Another player proudly exhibits their diverse collection of four Ogerpon with different masks, secretly hoping that Kieran won't find out.

Nonetheless, the debate surrounding Kieran has sparked discussions within the Pokémon community. Some players appreciate Game Freak's creation of a character with depth, stating that the polarization of opinions reflects a well-executed character arc.

Regardless of personal opinions, it appears that Kieran's story is not yet over. The way the DLC ended suggests that he may return in Part II, potentially assuming a fully villainous role.

Source: Karli Iwamasa