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The Controversy Surrounding the League of Legends Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin Skin

The release of the new League of Legends skin, Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin, has sparked controversy due to its high price tag. Priced at $200, this Mythic Chroma for Cosmic Jhin has left many players frustrated. Despite the backlash, Riot's executive producer on League of Legends, Jeremy ‘Brightmoon' Lee, has explained that the decision to pursue this pricing structure will not be changed.

Lee states that the team aims to provide a range of products for players, starting from free or a few dollars and escalating to more premium content for those looking for something rare. The introduction of Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin is a response to players who desire more exclusive skins beyond the existing Prestige skins.

In order to cater to this demand, the team decided to create a variant of a skin that is already available, ensuring a sense of rarity while still being accessible to all players. Although the $200 price tag may seem steep, it may appeal to a specific audience who want to showcase their investment in the game.

Furthermore, Lee emphasizes that despite the experimentation with pricing, power will not be sold as a result. The revenue generated from skins like Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin will be reinvested into developing more gameplay content.

While the Reddit post addressing these concerns has received largely negative feedback, it is unclear whether Riot will reconsider the pricing strategy in the future. Players continue to express their dissatisfaction with the decision, citing the high cost and limited availability of the skin.

Ultimately, the success of Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin's sales will determine whether Riot continues to explore similar pricing models for future skins. As Riot plans to address this topic further in a dev update video, the debate surrounding this controversial skin is likely to persist.