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The Crew Motorfest: A Racing Game That Combines Elements from Other Popular Titles

The Crew Motorfest, developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft, is a visually stunning open-world racing game set on a beautiful Hawaiian island. While it may not offer much in terms of originality, the game manages to capture the exhilarating feel of street racing from Need for Speed: Unbound, the aerial exploration of GTA 5, and the off-road excitement showcased in the Motorstorm E3 concept video. In essence, it can be described as a combination of Need for Speed meets Motorstorm in an open world.

The gameplay of The Crew Motorfest revolves around themed sets of events, known as “playlists,” which can be tackled in any order. Some events are visually spectacular, like the off-road forest sections and mountaintop dirt bike rides, while others offer charismatic match-ups between iconic cars. However, there are also some less exciting events and a soundtrack that can be hit-or-miss. The voice acting and casting choices sometimes feel out of place, detracting from the overall experience.

Despite its shortcomings in certain areas, The Crew Motorfest offers a wide variety of gameplay options. Players can choose from a diverse range of vehicles, including planes, boats, and even last year's Red Bull F1 car. Each vehicle type presents its own set of challenges and controls, ensuring that there is something for every player. The graphics of the game are impressive, with a stylized yet realistic visual style and attention to detail in the environment. The game also boasts a large draw-distance and allows players to seamlessly transition between different terrains and playstyles.

The car handling in The Crew Motorfest is not without its issues, as it can feel loose and imprecise at times. However, with the right adjustments to the stability assist and traction control settings, players can find a sweet spot that brings the game to life. The focus of the gameplay is on maintaining momentum rather than perfect cornering technique, making for a thrilling and fast-paced experience.

The Crew Motorfest may not break new ground in the racing genre, but it successfully combines elements from various popular titles to create an enjoyable and visually stunning experience. From its vast open world to its diverse range of vehicles and events, the game offers something for every racing enthusiast.


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