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The Day Before Developer Files Trademark for Dayworld, Indicating Possible Name Change

The developer of the highly anticipated zombie MMO, The Day Before, has recently filed a new trademark for a name called Dayworld. This suggests that there may be a planned name change for the game. The trademark covers various categories such as downloadable game software, computer game software for mobile devices, and more.

Previously, The Day Before was set to be released on PC in March, but encountered a series of issues when it was discovered that the game's name had not been trademarked. This led to a legal dispute with a company that owned a calendar app with a similar name. As a result, all references to The Day Before were removed from Steam.

In June, the developer, Fntastic, claimed to be the original user of the name and expressed optimism about regaining it through legal means and returning to Steam. However, several months have passed and the game has yet to make a comeback on the platform.

The recent filing for the Dayworld trademark raises questions about whether Fntastic intends to rename the game in order to secure its release on Steam before the scheduled launch date of November 10th. It should be noted that there is already a trilogy of dystopian novels called Dayworld by Philip José Farmer, which could potentially cause conflicts.

Meanwhile, fans of The Day Before remain skeptical about the game's legitimacy. On the official Discord server, players have expressed disappointment about the game's absence from Gamescom and are seeking more updates from Fntastic regarding the progress of development.

Eurogamer has reached out to Fntastic for further comment. The developer has previously faced criticism for a lack of communication, but they have defended their game, stating that the truth will be revealed when it is finally released.


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